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Body Contouring

During your first visit, you will be asked to complete new client forms and provide details of your current medical condition. If you currently have an auto-immune disease, blood clots, a recent cancer diagnosis (within the past 5 years), or diabetes, you are not a candidate for noninvasive body contouring. If you have had a recent surgery, we recommend waiting a minimum of 12 weeks before you begin body contouring, unless you've had liposuction or are cleared by your medical professional. Your technician will review your current medical condition with you prior to treatment to make sure our body contouring service is the right treatment for you. Non invasive liposuction includes:

Body Contouring

$ 124.99

One session Includes Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat reduction, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on one area. You may see results after the first session depending on your weight but it’s definitely recommended to do a package to see optimum results. Every body is different and once I see you, I can tell you which package is best for you. Benefits of both: Reduce fat in specific areas, tighten and tone sagging skin, smooth cellulite, and nonsurgical.

RF Skin Tightening Body

$ 99.99

A non-surgical, non-invasive, fat removal technique that breaks down, liquefies and shrinks fat cells. The fat is then metabolized and released through the liver and expelled naturally. Target the tummy, arms, hips. We highly recommend 6-10 sessions for best results, your therapist will better asses the amount of treatments after your first session.

RF Skin tightening Face

$ 55.00

Radio frequency works by delivering painless intense heat to tissues deeper the outermost layer of the skin, to help boost collagen production and circulation. This radio frequency treatment helps smooth, tighten and contour the skin.

RF Skin Tightening (Face & Neck)

$ 84.99

Skin Tightening of the face and neck can deliver amazing results without the requirement of surgery or other invasive procedures. Skin tightening treatment can significantly reduce loose, sagging skin on the face and neck through the use of lasers and radio frequency. Skin tightening treatments can take years off the appearance of your face and neck, boosting your confidence in the process.


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